Joe Maletz Consultants



A private consulting business for electrical/instrument and controls

engineering or computer related work is preferred. Consulting for

Nuclear engineering is a specialty.

How to contact:

Joe Maletz

78 Pitman Road

Marblehead, MA 01945

Home Tel: (781) 631-3423

Cell: (781) 820-9706

Email Joe Maletz 



Types of Consulting Offered:

Joe is an Electrical/Instrument & Control Engineer with a wide variety of

engineering and design experience. Please contact Joe to provide a

quotation on consulting services for your project.

Nuclear Engineering Consulting Services

Joe is an expert in Nuclear Power Plants and all related engineering and

services for both new build and operating NPPs. Joe can provide

consulting, training, expert witness services. Joe has more than 42 years

as an I&C Engineer. Joe can provide a wide range of engineering and

design consulting experience from diverse industries including:

    Nuclear/fossil power plants instrument and controls

    Industrial instrument and controls,

    Biotech/pharmaceutical instrument and controls

Joe's strengths include:

    Thinks outside the box. Can visualize complex issues and

    determine solutions to problems quickly.

    Creativity and forward thinking to organize projects/groups for

    maximum efficiency.

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