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Joe Maletz



A private consulting business operated from 78 Pitman Road,

Marblehead, MA.  Consulting for electrical/instrument and controls

engineering or computer related work is preferred.  Private

consulting for your personal computer is a specialty.

How to contact:

Joe Maletz

78 Pitman Road

Marblehead, MA 01945

Home Tel: (781) 631-3423

Cell: (781) 820-9706

Email Joe Maletz 

Types of Consulting Offered:

Joe is an Electrical/Instrument & Control

Engineer.  Joe can provide a quotation on

consulting work that can be performed at

your site or in Marblehead.

Personal Computer Consulting

Joe is an expert in personal computers and

most office software.  Joe can offer one-on-one

personal assistance with your PC.   Training can

be provided in the use of office software (including:

Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint,

Photo Editor, Front Page, Microsoft Projects,

Microsoft Internet Explorer, AutoCad, MathCad,

and many more).  Joe can take the mystery out of

the internet and show you how to find something

on the web. Joe can show you how to setup your PC for ease of use and

optimum performance.

Instrument and Controls Engineering Consulting

 Joe has more than 42 years of experience as an I&C Engineer.  Joe can

provide a wide range of engineering and design consulting from diverse

industries including:

  • Industrial instrument and controls
  • Biotech/pharmaceutical instrument and controls
  • Nuclear/fossil power plants instrument and controls

Sailing Consulting (Multihulls and Monohulls)

Joe has many years of sailing experience in Multihulls (beach cats

and large racing/cruising cats) and Monohulls (one designs, racing

dinghys, and racing/cruising boats).  Joe can provide consulting

services for a wide range of activities relating to boats.