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What is New on This Website

                    Here is what is new (most recent on top)                    
First Page Changes Added House Webcam and changed WU weather sticker
Added 2017 April Roatan Diving and Land Photos Added 2017 April Roatan Diving and Land Photos
Removed Survey and Guestbook Removed Survey and Guestbook that were rarely used
Create Vcard from QR scan Added QR Scan on Home Page to create Joe Maletz Vcard
Google Photos Links Added links to Joe Maletz Google Photos
Live Navionics Chart of Joe's area Added live and interactive Navionics chart of Joe's area in Marblehead, MA.
Chart of Joe's area Added chart image of Joe's area, See note in center of location of Joe's House.
Captain Joe Page Added new views from house on Captain Joe page and created GOOGLE PLUS albums link on home page.
Joe Maletz Wunderground Webpage Added Joe Maletz Wunderground Webpage with live feed to webcam and weather station(You must join Wunderground for small fee to avoid page ads)
Joe's Family & Friends (requires password) Added a Private Page with friends and family vacation photos. This is a protected page and requires a username and password. Contact Joe Maletz for new credentials.
Joe Maletz's Photos Page Changed the PHOTO show format to make it easier to use. Added lots new photos of new power boat which is a 2000 Grady White Marlin 300 (30'). This is my second boat. I will campagne both boths.
Wave Magic II page Created a new tab/page to show specifications for new boat, 2000 Grady White Marlin 3000 (30')
Joe Maletz's Photos Page Added lots new photos of new mast and boom, including installation and sailing photos
Joe Maletz's Photos Page Changed the method to display photos
Joe Maletz's Photos Page Wave Magic was demasted on 7/1/06
Joe Maletz's Weather Page Added Weather Page from Joe's House
3-D View from Captain Joe's House Added 3-D view of Salem Harbor from Captain Joe's House in Marblehead
Home Page Changed server to
Guest Book Changed guestbook to new format.
Survey Added survey.
Wave Magic Page Added the MacGregror 36 instruction manual.
What's New Added a list of what is new on this website
Murphy's Law Added a page of Murphy's Law as said by Joe
Web Search Added a websearch facility to this website
Make Favorite Added a one click to make a this website a favorite
Private Site Added a secret private site (requires a password)